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Q: What is a WiFi zone?

A: A 'WiFi Zone' is a location or site that provides public access wireless broadband Internet. Users can connect to this network and navigate freely. To get access to the Internet must obtain the corresponding key as explained later in this guide. When connecting to the network and launch Cadiz.es your regular browser, the login screen appears and the button to access the 'Portal Cadiz.es WiFi'.

Q: Who can benefit from this service?

A: All residents of the city of Cadiz when they are in the coverage area of the network, provided that they have a terminal (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.) with standard WiFi connection. They also may especially benefit visitors to the city, for reasons of either business or tourism, as they can access the information they provide municipal websites (free access) and Internet access.

Q: Who is it useful Cadiz.es WiFi?

A: Cadiz WiFi network allow access to all the services of an Internet connection, with the advantage that they need not be subject to a short cable or DSL connection, and from any public place, provided it is within the coverage area.

Q: What can we do through the Cadiz.es WiFi network?

A: Consult freely and without time restriction, all information is issued from the Web pages of agencies and municipal offices, send and receive email, chat and surf the Internet.

Q: What are the specific features of the network connection?

A: WiFi network connection is free, unlimited in time and urban, so it will not reach the interior of the housing. Your connection speed is limited to 256 kilobytes per second (kbps) according to the rules established by the Market Commission (CMT).

How I can connect to the network?

Find a signal

Position yourself near one of the city hotspots, using the signal map to find them.

Enable WiFi

On your device (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.) look for available WiFi connections, select the network signal "Cadiz.es" and connect.

Open the browser

Enter your favourite browser and a login page will appear where you can sign in.

Sign in!

Complete the registration form to create your user account and you will receive your access data by email.


Identify yourself by entering your username (email) and password, you must use it each time you connect to the WiFi network. Remember that once you are logged in, you can download our app & quot; Cadiz.es WiFi & quot; To connect more easily.

Browse the Internet freely

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